Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Size

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut includes a whole new adventure, which takes place on the island of Iki. But just how big is the Iki Island Expansion? Well, we asked creative director Nate Fox that very question in our big Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut interview, and we got a very promising answer.

"If you're familiar with Ghost of Tsushima, Iki Island is the size of, really, the first act of the main game, Izuhara," Fox told us. "It's a big, dense story with a lot of landscape and secrets to discover."

For context, Izuhara represents a huge chunk of the open world map in the main campaign, offering roughly 10 to 20 hours of story and side quests, as well as optional activities. More if you want to experience absolutely everything that the region has to offer.

So we're looking at a pretty big expansion, but obviously, being an open world game, your mileage may vary. As Fox says, "[Iki Island is] very similar in size to Izuhara, so... It's an open world game, so it depends on how you play it. If you want to beeline through any one particular narrative aspect of Iki Island it'll take different amounts of time. But the best example — just because it's an open world game — is to think of it like an act in Ghost of Tsushima."

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