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Environmental issues are on the lips of the entire planet, including the agricultural industry. Farming Simulator 22 developer Giants Software is in a unique position to educate players on the steps being taken by farmers to improve the sustainability of their work and reduce their environmental footprint. A free DLC, currently slated to release next spring, will introduce the concepts of Precision Farming, with collaboration from a variety of governmental bodies, educational institutions, and organisations like John Deere.

A similar expansion is already available for Farming Simulator 19 – be sure to check it out if you haven’t already – but the German developer is promising many improvements for this iteration. Essentially, the pack will allow you to leverage technology to get the most out of your fields, managing things like water and pesticide. The idea is to maximise yields with the least environmental impact possible, reducing fuel and chemical runoff.

Giants Software says the add-on is “currently in the concept phase”, so it doesn’t have any specific details to share about what kind of features you can expect and how it’ll all work. More information may be announced at FarmCon 2021 later this week, though, and in the meantime you can learn a little more about Precision Farming on the franchise’s official website.