This abridged Dying Light 2 Stay Human gameplay trailer has a bit of everything. It starts out with some parkour, as protagonist Aiden makes his way to an abandoned hospital, leaping across rooftops and scrambling up brickwalls. However, once inside it goes pure survival, as the embattled hero is forced to weave in and out of the undead.

The zombies start out quite tame, but quickly multiply in repulsiveness. There are large, tank-like foes, as well as a number of nasty infected who vomit all over the medical facility’s floor. Unsurprisingly, the stealth quickly transitions to a sprint, as the main character is forced to make a hasty escape – it’s all quite intense.

The game certainly appears to be steeped with atmosphere, and the movement in particular looks like a whole ton of fun. What did you make of this five-minute clip? Run to the sun in the comments section below.