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While we really enjoyed DIRT 5 back when PlayStation 5 launched last November, there was one box it didn't really tick. The DualSense's unique features, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, weren't utilised to their full potential. As has been proven by the likes of WRC 9, the extra tactile feedback can make a huge difference in racing titles, so it was always a bit of a shame to see the tech go to waste in Codemasters' offroad racer — especially as it's such a fun experience.

Enter the freshly announced content update for DIRT 5. Just announced on PlayStation Blog, Codies has a whole load of new stuff lined up, and it includes "full haptics and adaptive trigger support for the DualSense controller". The developer has been working on enhancements in this area, and it sounds as though it'll be worth the wait. "Notice the changes in traction across different surfaces, feel the brake trigger pushing against you as you slow down, sense the clunk of a gear change, and find the limit of adhesion as you steer and accelerate through corners," writes Codemasters' Chris Groves. The game's 3D audio will also see some improvements with this update.

Elsewhere, though, both PS5 and PS4 players can look forward to new content for Playgrounds mode, including weekly challenges and creator rewards, new Trophies to collect, and two new race tracks. All this, and the aforementioned PS5-specific enhancements, will be available for free with a game update.

Additionally, premium DLC called the Super Size Content Pack, will arrive at the same time. This will be available to those with the Amplified/Year One Edition of DIRT 5, or can be bought separately. It includes 27 new career events and four new vehicles — plus a couple of new sponsors, liveries, and customisation options as well.

Everything is hitting the game on 20th July, in just under a week's time. Are you excited for these incoming changes and updates? Rev your engines in the comments section below.

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