Dead By Daylight is gifting players 500,000 Bloodpoints and a bunch of Iridescent Shards just for logging in, as the asymmetrical horror celebrates its fifth anniversary in style. From now through 15th July, fans can earn limited-time cosmetics and collaborate with the community to complete unique challenges.

Regulars will be familiar with Anniversary Crowns, which are returning for the event. You’ll be able to collect these from pedestals that teleport around each map, and if you escape while wearing one – or eliminate your prey, killers – then the celebratory cosmetic will be yours to keep. You’ll also find unique perks and items in Bloodwebs to use, including a cake that will help you locate crowns.

The terminology in this game is notoriously complicated, so you may want to read the official blog post for a little more intel on what to expect from the anniversary event. Perhaps the key detail is that there are a total of 9,000 Iridescent Shards up for grabs, which is enough to purchase an entirely new character for free.