The rogue-like genre is a crowded one, so if you're going to make one, it needs to have something that sets it apart. In the case of Crown Trick, from publisher Team 17 and developer NEXT Studios, it's an action RPG in which enemies and traps only move when you do.

Every step you take in the game's procedurally generated dungeons is a turn, and enemies will move on a sort of turn-based basis. This allows you to have some strategic control of battles; you can skip turns or use special abilities to manipulate foes and attack from safe positions. It sounds like a neat idea, doesn't it?

For as cool as the above release date trailer is, it doesn't show any proper gameplay. For that, click through here to see it in action. We rather like the look of this, and the game isn't too far away, launching on PlayStation 4 on 31st August. What do you make of Crown Trick? Take turns in the comments section below.