Turtle Rock's upcoming co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood is essentially a new Left 4 Dead game, which is okay from where we're sitting. Over-the-top undead-slaying action is the order of the day, with up for four players working together to fend off the horde. If you're looking for something relatively mindless to play, this should serve you well, but when can you play it?

Well, ahead of the game's launch in October, the team is holding an open beta test across PlayStation 5, PS4, and other platforms. It's set to feature a PvP mode called Swarm as well as some content from the co-op campaign.

This will be available to everyone with a PS Plus account starting from 12th August, running to the 16th. However, there's an early access portion of the beta that will let you in from 5th August, giving you a whole extra week to play — but of course, there's a catch. If you want access to the longer time period for the beta, you'll have to put down a pre-order on the game. Alternatively, you can sign up here for a chance at a spot in the early access portion.

Will you be blasting away the zombie menace with the Back 4 Blood open beta? Reload in the comments section below.