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PlayStation's most recently established developer, Team Asobi, is the studio responsible for the fantastic PS5 pack-in game, Astro's Playroom (and, of course, Astro Bot Rescue Mission). The Japanese team has enjoyed lots of acclaim for its small but mighty platformer, and it looks as though it's gearing up for its next adventure.

Spotted by Gaming Route, an advertisement for a role at Team Asobi has appeared on LinkedIn, confirming that the studio is hiring new staff for its next project. Going by the job description, it sounds like the team's next game could well be another Astro Bot platformer. The designer job listing makes mention of a "3D action game", in which the successful candidate will need to "bring creativity and humor". Sounds like Astro to us.

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With news that the developer is growing and that its next game likely stars the cute little robot, we're hopeful that Astro's follow-up adventure will be that much bigger. Astro's Playroom is wonderful, but pretty much everyone wants more from the character and his tech-filled world. Perhaps this next game will see Team Asobi afford the bot the full-length excursion we all crave.

What would you like to see in Team Asobi's next game? Do you want another Astro Bot game, or would you prefer something different? Tell us in the comments section below.

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