If you’ve been playing WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which is free this month with PS Plus, then accept our commiserations. Wrestling games have been in a bad place for several years now, and this tongue-in-cheek trailer for the upcoming Action Arcade Wrestling can’t help making a point of that. “He was created for one purpose,” the voiceover says of radioactive grappler, Biohazard. “To bring the fun back to wrestling games again!”

Due out on 10th August, this cel-shaded brawler looks like it’s jumped straight out of an alternate universe’s arcade cabinet. “Get ready to grab some folding chairs, drop some flying elbows, and shoot freakin’ laser beams in the wrestling ring,” the blurb reads. It’s clearly been inspired by 90s wrestling games, and promises an intuitive two-button control scheme.

This might be one to tide you over until 2K Sports shares an update on WWE 2K22.

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