Escapism is at its finest when enjoyed in virtual reality, and Winds & Leaves looks to be leveraging that aspect of PSVR to its fullest. Due out on 27th July, the game’s effectively a survival experience where you must rejuvenate the environment by planting forests. Stray too far from your trees and you’ll lose access to the lifeblood of your plants, so you’ll need to populate the world with different flora to help you progress.

This trailer starts out quite simplistic, but as it delves into the finer gameplay details it actually gets quite complicated. You can mix and match fruits to create different types of trees, and you’ll need to pay attention to the various biomes you’ll be exploring to ensure you’re planting the right kinds of forests in the appropriate areas.

It sounds like a really unique and interesting experience, but also quite laidback and relaxing. We’re looking forward to testing it out next month.