Two Point Campus, the follow-up to the excellent Two Point Hospital, has been formally announced by SEGA. Unfortunately, the surprise was scuppered by a big leak on the Microsoft Store site, but the goofy management sim has now been made official.

If you missed the news from last month, Two Point Campus puts you in charge of building up academic institutions, providing the ideal environments for digital students. You'll need to plan out your campus grounds, buildings, dorms, and more, hiring teachers to educate pupils on all kinds of daft subjects. As with Two Point Hospital, its sense of humour means your students will learn about cooking in Gastronomy, jousting in Knight School, and plenty more. You'll also need to keep the student body happy by providing them with extracurricular activities, and ensuring their wants and needs are attended to.

If it's anything like its predecessor, this management sim will be a delight. The game is heading to PC and consoles in 2022, and we're looking forward to enrolling. Will you be going back to school with Two Point Campus? Raise your hands in the comments section below.