Massive Japanese RPG Trails into Reverie has been confirmed for a Western release on PlayStation 4. Those already familiar with the Trails of Cold Steel games may know that this is a sequel to that series. However, it doesn't just cover Rean Schwarzer and the gang — it also ties up stories years in the making from other Trails games, hence Reverie's gigantic cast of characters.

Indeed, the cast is so huge that the adventure is actually split into three different narratives, which can be switched between at any time. One follows Rean, another follows Lloyd Bannings, and the last follows a mysterious masked warrior named C. Ambitious to say the least.

Trails of Reverie launched in Japan last year, but it seems as though the localisation is going to take quite some time (it'll feature English voiceovers as well as Japanese, by the way). Published by NIS America here in the West, it's aiming for a 2023 release date. We honestly thought it'd be arriving sooner, but that's what we've been given.

Still, yet more Trails love for the West. Are you ready for a return trip to Zemuria? Be patient in the comments section below.