Tetris Effect Connected PS4 PlayStation 4 1

How can you tell a batch of Microsoft timed exclusivity contracts have expired? Hot on the heels of The Medium’s announcement for PlayStation 5, developer Enhance Games has confirmed that multiplayer expansion Tetris Effect: Connected will deploy as a free update for the existing PS4 game in July – and, yes, it’ll support PSVR.

As alluded to above, the update includes a batch of online and local multiplayer modes, including the titular Connected, which sees you working alongside other players in order to defeat a nefarious AI controlled boss – or, on the weekends, a real-world opponent. There’s also Zone Battle, Score Attack, and Classic Score Attack.

Even better, the release will support full crossplay, meaning you’ll be able to play against opponents from all platforms. That effectively ensures a healthy multiplayer community, which is good for lower-profile titles like this. A beta will be available for all existing owners of the game from 23rd June until 5th July, so if you want to check it out ahead of time, you can download that from the PS Store.

[source blog.playstation.com]