Sony PS5 DualSense 1

We’ve noticed that we’ve been able to squeeze four or five hours of gameplay out of a DualSense with supposedly “low” battery, and it seems we’re not alone. Reddit users have been experimenting, and have noted that on a full charge, the PlayStation 5 will tell you to plug in your controller at around the six hour mark – despite the pad having another four or five hours of juice left in it.

While we can’t corroborate the exact numbers, we tend to agree that the next-gen console’s battery indicator is busted. It’s obviously anecdotal evidence, but we put in roughly six hours of gameplay on Sunday, despite being told to charge our pad roughly one hour into said session. Our controller still had juice left in it this morning, too.

Our guess is that this functionality is currently broken, as it’s definitely making low power notifications far too early. We’d recommend not rushing to plug in your pad when the console makes the announcement, because there’s a good chance you still have hours of life left in your DualSense – even if you’re playing an intensive game with lots of haptic feedback like Returnal.

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