Deep Silver E3 2021

Don't go into E3 2021 and Summer Games Fest expecting news and announcements from Deep Silver's in-the-pipeline properties. The publisher has (rather thoughtfully) confirmed that the following franchises won't be putting in an appearance later this month: Saints Row, TimeSplitters, Dead Island, and Metro.

Given that we've been expecting updates on all of these properties for some time β€” some much long than others β€” it's a bit of a shame to hear that they'll all be missing in action. But as alluded, it's nice to see a publisher set expectations accordingly.

However, Koch Media, Deep Silver's parent company, will be making some kind of announcement during the aforementioned Summer Games Fest on the 11th June. Naturally, we'll keep you posted, assuming that it's relevant to PlayStation.

Were you expecting to hear about any of these franchises this summer? Continue to temper your expectations in the comments section below.