This is a pretty deep cut. Cast your minds back to E3 2018, where Dreams had a pretty big presence on the showfloor. During this time, developer Media Molecule presented attendees with Megapenguin, the beefcake bird you'll see in the above video, and asked them what would happen next in his adventure. It was pretty great.

Well, Megapenguin is back. Media Molecule has brought back the jacked seabird in Megapenguin Rehatched. Playable now in Dreams, this is the beginning of a new adventure for the ridiculous character, with the idea being that the community will add their own levels and scenarios for Megapenguin to navigate. The first three levels have been made by the developer, but the rest of the adventure will be a collaborative effort from community creators.

It's all explained over on this page. Basically, you can use various Megapenguin assets to construct your own level, then submit it to Media Molecule. Providing it's approved, your level may end up as part of the playable journey, which is pretty cool.

Will you be helping Megapenguin reunite with his fleet in Dreams? Get cracking in the comments section below.