Dreams and Mercedes-Benz. It's a collaboration the world never saw coming, and yet, here we are. While it sounds like a truly bizarre pairing, this isn't quite what you think it is; don't expect a DLC pack full of fancy cars, or something. Media Molecule and the vehicle brand have teamed up to make a conceptual, and playable, level in the make-anything creation engine.

From 8th July 2021, a dream simply named 'Dreams and Mercedes-Benz' will be live within the game for everyone to play. Teased in the above video, the level is built on the concept of "Let’s imagine futures together", which Mercedes explores with its annual me Convention. Through Dreams, the companies have worked together to create a virtual vision of an idyllic future. As well as this new level, a game jam from 13th to 28th July will encourage users to create things around the theme of "imagined futures".

This is apparently the first of Media Molecule's Co-Labs project, which means we'll probably be seeing more unexpected crossovers within Dreams. You can read more about all this through here.

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