AI The Somnium Files Sequels

Well received visual novel puzzler AI: The Somnium Files appears to be getting a sequel. Overnight, developer Spike Chunsoft pushed a teaser website that features a lot of, er, eyes. It asks visitors to solve a number of obscure puzzles before inputting a password.

Given that eyes — synthetic or otherwise — are a key part of AI: The Somnium Files, it was immediately assumed that this teaser site has something to do with a sequel. And as it turns out, those assumptions are highly likely to be correct.

Examination of the website's source code shows a reference to "AI Nirvana", which is probably the name of a sequel. We would imagine that an official announcement is coming soon.

Are you a fan of AI: The Somnium Files? What would you like to see from a sequel? Don't strain your eyes in the comments section below.

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