IO Interactive’s stellar ongoing support for Hitman 3 has been refreshed once more with the Season of Sloth, which sees Agent 47 ditching his traditionally meticulous approach for a more apathetic one. In the latest chapter of the 7 Deadly Sins, you’ll be revisiting a mucky Dartmoor – but don’t expend too much energy, or you could find yourself eating the dirt.

As with all of the DLC Escalations, you’ll unlock new costumes for completing it, including the “slapdash” SMG, which amuses us. Elsewhere, everyone will be entitled to the new ‘Ducky’ ICA 19 for completing 40 featured contracts, while a fresh Elusive Target will run from 17th June to 28th June: the Liability in Berlin, who’s a slobbish workman that deserves to meet his maker.

There are various other featured contracts to look forward to, as well as a further Elusive Target in Sapienza starring two twin brothers. Loads to dig into for the next four weeks, then – assuming you’ve got the energy, of course.