Ghostrunner PS5

After confirming a sequel is on the way, publisher 505 Games has revealed the original Ghostrunner game will receive its native PlayStation 5 version on 28th September 2021. Anyone who already owns the game on PS4 will be getting a free upgrade, but if you don't, it'll cost £24.99/$29.99. The PS5 version will ship every new mode and piece of content added to the base game since launch, and will also benefit from further updates planned for the future. That includes the new roguelike mode and another one designed to assist the player through the campaign.

That's all well and good, but far and away the coolest thing about this PS5 edition of Ghostrunner is that it will run in a 4K resolution at 120 frames-per-second. A different mode will allow you to enable Ray-Tracing, while 3D Audio and Haptic Feedback will be taken advantage of across the entire experience. Loading is also said to be "instant". It really sounds like developer One More Level is going to town with this current-gen version, then.

We didn't get around to reviewing Ghostrunner when it hit PS4 last year, but it is supposed to be pretty good. A Metacritic rating of 76 suggests so, at least. Have you been waiting on a native PS5 version of Ghostrunner? Or did you play the game on PS4 and are looking forward to experiencing it once more with better visuals and frame rate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.