Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 Blitz

Destruction AllStars is half-way through Season 1, an update that's added a number of bits and pieces to keep the PlayStation 5 multiplayer title fresh. That includes a new playable character, Alba, as well as new cosmetics and plenty of tweaks and improvements. One of the biggest new additions is Blitz mode, a more competitive spin on the regular Mayhem mode. With today's new patch, Blitz will be available to all.

As we mentioned, it's similar to Mayhem, but there are some key differences. In Blitz, four teams of three compete to reach a set score by wrecking opponents and all the other usual ways. However, rounds are intended to be short and fast-paced, and players will need to pick new AllStars between rounds. Your character ability and hero vehicle meters will carry over between rounds as well, meaning you could save up some energy with one character and then call in another character's vehicle in round two.

The mode will launch as unranked while people get accustomed to it, but the intention is to make Blitz a ranked mode later on. Patch 2.2.0 arrives today, 2nd June, and Blitz will be rolling out to all players shortly after.

Are you looking forward to trying Blitz in Destruction AllStars? Have you been waiting for a ranked mode? Drift into the comments section below.

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