Battlefield 2042 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

In the PlayStation 5 version at least, Battlefield 2042 will host up to 128 players simultaneously, but in order to keep servers full it will be populating any empty slots with bots. According to developer DICE – as per a report by The Verge – the title will prioritise humans, so it’s possible that during peak play hours you may never encounter AI soldiers. However, depending on your region and platform, there could be up to 64 bots filling out a map.

Given the scale of the next-gen iteration of the game, it’s a smart inclusion – although, we’d argue that crossplay across consoles at least would increase the overall player pool, and thus keep bots to a minimum. We suppose this is going to depend on the overall intelligence of the AI soldiers really: if they’re competent and work the objectives than they may actually be preferable to those real-life allies who have a preference for crashing jets into the ground.

It’s worth remembering that the PS4 version of Battlefield 2042 will only host 64 players at a time, so bots are much less likely to appear in the last-gen release. How do you feel about all this? Is it a smart decision? Do you think it may detract from the overall experience? Gun us down like we’re computer controlled in the comments section below.