Sultry erotic horror title Lust from Beyond is getting a tamer PlayStation 4 port, allowing console owners to experience the, ahem, thrills of the PC release – without the AO content. The appropriately named Lust from Beyond: M Edition has been “tailored to the preferences of players who love the genre of Lovecraftian horror for its mystery, narrative, and atmosphere rather than explicit content”. Yeah, you’re already Googling the original, aren’t you?

Sony won’t carry AO titles, so it was always going to need to be tamer to hit PS4. The original sees you assume the role of Victor Holloway who, suffering from curious premonitions, joins the Cult of Ecstasy as he seeks out answers. From there, things take a, ahem, perverse turn – but there’ll be less of the hanky-panky in this watered down version.