Want to see the craziest trailer of E3 2021 so far? Of course, you do – who wouldn’t? Well, this Atomic Heart clip will take some beating. At just 61 seconds, it packs a lot into its running time: creepy robotic infants, BioShock-esque hand powers, weird walking treasure chests – you name it and the game’s definitely got it.

“A global system failure happens at the Soviet Facility №3826 that leads machinery to rebel against the people,” the press release attempts to explain. “You are Major P-3 and your task is to eliminate the consequences of a large-scale accident and prevent the leakage of classified information threatening to destroy the whole world.”

You’ll be crafting melee weapons and other unique firearms, uncovering soviet secrets, and much more. The game’s due out on the PlayStation 5 and PS4, but there’s no date or release window attached right now.

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