Update: Developer Joe Richardson has confirmed that the PS4 version of The Procession to Calvary will launch next week, on the 7th July.

This release date probably means that The Procession to Calvary won't be part of July's PlayStation Plus games lineup, which has been rumoured.

Original Story: The Procession to Calvary is a mental looking point-and-click adventure title that was announced for PlayStation 4 back in August of last year. Although it was never given a set release date, we didn't think that it would take the best part of an entire year to arrive on Sony's system — but here we are.

The procession to Calvary is launching for Xbox One on the 2nd July, and the PS4 version is apparently coming out "very shortly afterwards". Okay, so we still don't have an actual date, but it sounds like it's pretty close. Please be pretty close.

We've been looking forward to playing The Procession to Calvary since its aforementioned announcement — as evidenced by the fact that we interviewed the game's creator, Joe Richardson. Joe told us all about the weird but potentially wonderful project, giving us some great answers to work with.

When we do get a confirmed release date, we'll be sure to provide an update to this article.