This trailer doesn’t really do tactical first-person shooter Lemnis Gate justice, unfortunately. For those who haven’t been following it, this is basically a turn-based strategy game, where you deploy 25 second versions of yourself, and must outwit your opponents across five rounds. We’re going to defer to the developer’s press release here, because it is a complicated concept to explain.

“You have 25 seconds to execute your action, be it blasting an enemy, manoeuvring your operative, or setting up your next move,” the blurb reads. “After all players have taken turns, the next 25 second round begins. Now you’ll face what has happened while setting up what will happen. Each of the five rounds is your chance to alter the timeline as past, present, and future converge.”

Genius, right? Because of the way the game’s designed, it’s not just about trigger-finger skills: you need to be more intelligent than your foes in order to triumph on the battlefield. There’s even an “auto co-op” mode which effectively allows you to control an entire squad on your own, so you can have a two-player match consisting of ten operatives in total.

The game’s due out on 3rd August, and we can imagine it being a big hit when it does eventually deploy. Is this something you’re willing to try out? Alter reality in the comments section below.