Knockout City PS4 PlayStation 4

You know all those online Trophies people don't like? The type of trinkets that reward putting in dozens of hours and playing hundreds of matches? They're all in the Trophy list for Knockout City. The "dodgebrawl" multiplayer game is shaping up rather nicely, but if you want the Platinum, you're gonna have to really dedicate yourself for a while.

The full Trophy list for Knockout City has emerged on PSNProfiles ahead of its launch on 21st May. Obviously, with it being an online-only multiplayer title, the Trophies are all about winning matches and engaging with all its systems. The single gold Trophy requires you to earn 250,000 XP, and there's no telling how long that'll take. You'll need to play 30 matches with a friend for one Trophy, and win 10 of those for another. Competing in 100 matches total will net you another bronze, and winning 30 of those will bag you one more.

The list also asks you to score 1,000 knockouts, catch 1,000 balls, and make 1,000 assists. You'll also need to win while wearing cosmetics of certain rarities, complete daily challenges, and partake in the game's Crew system. Finally, there are a bunch of Trophies for getting a KO in certain locations, or specific ways.

It sounds like it'll be a pretty tough Platinum, but honestly, players will probably unlock a lot of these just playing naturally. Even so, you'll be putting a fair amount of time into this if you're looking to complete the list. Are you aiming for the Plat in Knockout City? Dodge a wrench in the comments section below.