Half Life Alyx PS5 PlayStation 5 PSVR 1

Valve could have projects in the works for PlayStation 5 and PS4, with Gabe Newell hinting that we’ll get a “better idea of [what it has planned] by the end of the year”. Bizarrely, the veteran executive made the statement during a high school assembly, where he was asked by a student: “Will Steam be putting any games on consoles, or will it just stay on PC?”

It’s a strange question because Steam is obviously a PC-based storefront that’s owned and maintained by Valve. We’re going to assume the student is referring specifically to the Valve development teams behind Half-Life and Portal here and Gabe answered as such, because we can’t imagine any platform holder would allow a competing storefront on their console.

The obvious title that Newell could be referring to is Half-Life: Alyx, which we’re hopeful will release on Sony’s next-gen PSVR headset. Of course, it’s possible Valve may have something new in the pipeline scheduled to be announced later this year. It’s an interesting response regardless – we guess all will be revealed in due time.

[source youtube.com, via reddit.com]