Valkyria Revolution PS4 Free

Update: It took a little under 30 minutes for the deal to be pulled, with Valkyria Revolution no longer even searchable on the UK and EU PlayStation Stores at the time of writing. We hope lots of you still managed to grab it while the listing was free!

Original story: Looking for an RPG to pass the time with? You're in luck because the UK and EU PlayStation Stores are currently listing Valkyria Revolution without charge. The action spin-off to the tactical Valkyria Chronicles games was never considered to be very good, but you can't argue with free, right? To claim the game, either boot up the PlayStation App on your phone or head on through here and redeem it on the PS Store.

Better yet, all of Valkyria Revolution's DLC is also listed for free right now. We have to assume all of this is one big pricing error so you need to act fast before the price is knocked back up. In our Valkyria Revolution PS4 review, we concluded: "Where Valkyria Chronicles was a constantly rewarding strategy game, Revolution is an action RPG so utterly devoid of any potential to challenge or delight that the only strategy you'll require is working out the quickest bus route back to the shop to get your refund." That warranted a 3/10 rating, but maybe it's worth checking out when you don't have to hand over any cash whatsoever.