Train Sim World 2 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Train Sim World 2 will make a stop at PlayStation 5 this summer, promising faster loading times, higher framerates, and improved visuals. The port will offer a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade if you already own the game, and any add-ons you’ve purchased – including Preserved Collection content – will convert across. Huge news for this author!

It’s all part of the new Rush Hour expansion, which will also be available on PS4 if you don’t own a next-gen console yet. “Rush Hour takes the authentic simulation gameplay the series is known for and places players in the operator’s seat of commuter trains navigating busy rail networks with tight schedules,” the press release reads.

This will introduce massive improvements to the passenger system, transforming a key part of the simulation experience: “As players drive from station-to-station on the three busy routes they will see a greater variety in passengers, and higher passenger volumes at peak times on platforms. All recreating the hustle and bustle of rush hour.”

Previously, patrons had been pretty brain dead, and the number of passengers getting on and off the trains never really felt connected to the time of day. Rush Hour will include three routes and their various associated trains, some of which have appeared in the PC-based Train Simulator 2021 before. Given the title, there’s obviously a commuter focus here.

“Take on the busiest and fastest passenger rail line in the United States and explore the famed Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence with Amtrak’s ACS-64 City Sprinter and MBTA's F40PH-3,” the press release continue. “Navigate the hectic Brighton Main Line: London Victoria – Brighton, with Southern’s BR Class 377/4 and Gatwick Express BR Class 387 EMUs. Master Regional, Express, S-Bahn or Inter-City Express services on Bahnstrecke Riesa – Dresden with four locomotives to master.”

We’re pretty excited for this, and we’re hopeful developer Dovetail Games has put in the work to leverage the DualSense controller’s unique features and functions. Physically feeling the resistance of various switches and levers through the adaptive triggers, as well as the click-clack of the track using haptic feedback could really enhance the immersion.