We've remained rather intrigued by Stonefly, the next game from the makers of Creature in the Well. It's a tranquil action adventure that's left a good impression. After getting an early look at the game a couple of months back, we're definitely curious to play it ourselves and see what Annika's journey has to offer.

Fortunately, the game isn't too far off. With the above new gameplay snippet, the release date has been confirmed for 1st June, meaning it's just under a month away. This unusual title is hitting both PlayStation 5 and PS4, and we're excited to build a bug-like mech and explore a land of giant leaves and trees.

That little video, by the way, is the first in a new series that will highlight various aspects of the adventure in the run up to release. We'll be keeping an eye on these, but we're most excited to get our hands on the game itself.

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