While some of you will probably have switched off at the mere mention of a deck building rogue-like, card-based games are definitely on the rise. Roguebook is a brand new one, co-created by Richard Garfield, the man responsible for a little something called Magic: The Gathering.

As you can see in this new gameplay trailer, it's a game about collecting cards and using them in battle against all kinds of foes. On the face of it, the game bears a lot of similarities with Slay the Spire, but unlike that indie title, you're encouraged to gather as many cards as you can. A large deck will afford your duo of characters special abilities.

After choosing a couple of characters from four classes, you'll go out on a randomly generated adventure, never quite using the same deck twice and exploring a map that's different every time. It looks as though it'll satisfy its fairly niche audience pretty well, and we're definitely intrigued to see how this game will differentiate itself.

There's no word on a PlayStation 4 release date, but it's pencilled in for a 2021 launch. Are you interested in Roguebook? Believe in the heart of the cards in the comments section below.

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