For those of you who might not be aware, the PlayStation 5 recently launched in mainland China. On 15th May 2021, Sony's flagship console officially arrived in the country, as has been documented by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

There isn't much that's too extraordinary about the machine's Chinese launch, aside from strict regulations making for a much slimmer lineup of software on day one than other regions. Still, demand has been high, with pre-orders selling out at major retailers. One little extra at Sony's own stores, however, marks the occasion pretty nicely.

Twitter user NineSenpai noted that fans who bought a PS5 from Sony shops also received a "special launch gift", which includes a pair of official pin badges: one of the PlayStation logo, and another depicting the Platinum Trophy:

You can see it in the fourth image above. NineSenpai also says Tatsuo Eguchi, head of PlayStation China, came out to greet queueing customers, and was even signing PS5 consoles. Those badges are certainly a nice extra, though. We'd love one if you have any going spare, Sony. You know, to show how uncool we are.

Anyway, PS5 is now officially available in China, and if you're lucky, you'll get these pin badges when you make a purchase.

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