Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5

The latest patch for Destruction AllStars has gone live today on PlayStation 5, bringing with it a feature that's borderline synonymous with Sony's first-party releases. Indeed, Photo Mode has been added to the crash-happy experience, letting you capture those metal-melting moments in style.

In any single-player mode, you'll be able to pause the game and enable Photo Mode. While details haven't been announced, the mode presumably allows you to reposition the camera, add filters, and make all the usual tweaks to your shots.

The new patch also introduces a new Story Mode series, focusing this time on Ratu. Additionally, the update makes some other fixes and improvements to further smooth out the game. The update is available to download and install now, and comes in at roughly 2GB. Here are the patch notes:

  • Added Photo Mode to Destruction AllStars
    • Photo mode can be accessed from the pause menu in all single-player modes
    • Share your photos with us on Twitter - tag us on Twitter @PlayDestruction!
  • Added Ratu's Story Mode to Destruction AllStars
    • Available for 400 Destruction Points
  • Fixed vehicle collisions not awarding score points to players
  • Fixed players not being able to buy the AllStar Pass
  • Back-end changes made to mitigate & improve the challenges not progressing issue.

Speaking of Destruction AllStars, the latest Play at Home freebie goodies are available now, including 1,100 Destruction Points — the game's premium currency. Will you be snapping some shots in Destruction AllStars' new Photo Mode? Zoom in on the comments section below.

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