Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS4 Trophies

Wow, if you're a hardcore Trophy hunter, then Mass Effect Legendary Edition is going to keep you very, very busy. The Trophy list for the upcoming remastered collection is now online, and it's gigantic. Each game in the trilogy has its own list, and there's an additional, smaller list that covers challenges across all three games.

In total, there are 130 Trophies to unlock, and three Platinums — one for each title. However, as with the original releases, reaching 100 per cent completion ain't gonna be easy. You'll need to beat all three games on the often rock-hard Insanity difficulty, and accomplish all kinds of varied tasks.

Dare we ask if you'll be striving for 100 per cent completion in Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Start planning your Platinum campaign in the comments section below.

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