Lost Judgment Season Pass DLC

Freshly announced Judgment sequel Lost Judgment has a season pass, according to the Japanese PlayStation Store (as translated by The Tojo Dojo). This'll be the first time that a Yakuza-style game has included such a thing, with previous titles only offering smaller DLC packs containing special items or unlocks.

The season pass will reportedly feature a "fully packed additional story", which sounds a lot like an expansion to us (another first for Yakuza). There's also the 'Detective Life Fun Pack" and the "School Stories Fun Pack". We would guess that these are lesser bits and pieces. Said season pass will be included in the digital deluxe version of Lost Judgment, or you can buy it separately.

The inclusion of a season pass suggests a change in approach for SEGA and RGG Studio. Since 2014, the developer has been pumping out a new Yakuza title every year or so, but a season pass means that it can place a greater focus on post-launch support. It'll be interesting to see just how significant the "additional story" is.

[source tojodojo.com]