Dragon Quest is having its big 35 Anniversary livestream tonight (or this morning, depending on your time zone). The event has been hyped up by publisher Square Enix, the Dragon Quest team, and just about everyone in between. Even Dragon Quest creator Yujii Hori has been in on the hype, promising "plenty" of announcements, as well as a look at "that game". Dragon Quest XII? We'll soon find out!

As far as we know, the stream will be in Japanese, with English subtitles available.

Here are the stream timings (the show starts roughly one hour from the posting of this article):

26th May, 8:30PM PT / 11:30PM ET
27th May, 4:30AM BST / 5:30AM CEST

If you happen to be going to bed in the very near future, don't worry — we'll have all of the relevant news posted here on Push Square for when you wake up.

What are your hopes for the future of Dragon Quest? Get ready for another grand adventure in the comments section below.