No Man’s Sky fans have discovered Mass Effect’s iconic SSV Normandy SR1 starship in the survival game’s latest Expedition. For those of you who haven’t been following Hello Games’ intergalactic outing, Expeditions are effectively time-limited crusades that see community members starting on the same planet and working together towards individual and cumulative goals.

In this case, travellers had to follow breadcrumbs in order to discover the purpose of the ‘Historiographical Dosimeter’ and how to use it, which required the translation of hidden messages using a secret alphabet – all super cool stuff. To cut a long story short, the Expedition culminated with the summoning of the SSV Normandy SR1 – an Easter egg created with BioWare’s blessing to coincide with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Those who complete the Expedition will be able to add the SSV Normandy SR1 to their Frigate fleet, where it serves as both a docking point for your ships and also a base. Unfortunately, you only have until 31st May to complete the Expedition now, which isn’t an enormous amount of time if you were hoping to unlock it.

Elsewhere on the game’s official website, Hello Games boss Sean Murray teases that there are a lot more No Man’s Sky surprises to come as the title enjoys its fifth anniversary. “We have some other surprises up our sleeves,” he says, “with more information coming very soon.” We can’t wait to see what’s next.