The first community challenge in Sony's Days of Play promotion for 2021 concludes tomorrow morning, but those taking part have already reached the goals required to unlock the initial set of rewards. After playing more than 2.4 million PlayStation 5 and PS4 games alongside unlocking 7.2 million Trophies, entrants who signed up before the first cut-off date will gain access to a new PS4 theme and PSN avatar. Sony has shared what the former looks like in the tweet below.

There is a stretch goal associated with this community challenge, but with the requirements having to be met within roughly the next nine hours, it's unlikely to happen. If three million games are played and 8.8 million Trophies are earned, another three PSN avatars will be unlocked. They're themed around Astro's Playroom, Returnal, and Gran Turismo 7. The goals seem like a bit too much of a reach at this point, however.

The second Days of Play community challenge is expected to commence tomorrow, asking entrants to play 2.9 million games and unlock 8.5 million Trophies. Five PSN avatars themed around PS5 and PS4 exclusives are on offer if the task is completed in time. And as for the prizes entrants have already earned following the completion of the first community challenge, they'll be delivered straight to your console via a message within the next few days. If you still haven't signed up and want a shot at grabbing the rewards associated with upcoming challenges, you can do so through here.