FF7RIntergrade May KeyVisual

Phwoar! Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade certainly looks the part in these new PlayStation 5 screenshots, as well as the gorgeous key art at the top of this article. The PS4 release of Final Fantasy VII Remake obviously looked great to begin with (most of the time, anyway), but Intergrade's set to be a cut above. What's more, a new performance mode will allow the whole thing to run at 60 frames-per-second.

Intergrade is still set to release on the 10th June, so it's pretty much just around the corner. It's a free upgrade if you already own Remake on PS4 — but that doesn't include the version that was part of PlayStation Plus a couple of months back.

Meanwhile, INTERmission is an additional storyline that features Yuffie, and it comes with new purchases of Intergrade. However, if you're upgrading from PS4, you'll need to buy INTERmission separately. Jeez!

Will you be playing Intergrade next month? Will it be your first time dipping into Final Fantasy VII Remake? Twirl your buster sword in the comments section below.