Fall Guys PS4 PlayStation 4

Fall Guys Season 4 has already hit the half-way point. The latest seasonal refresh brought a futuristic theme to the game and added a bunch of new levels, as well as a squads mode that makes victory that little bit more attainable. Of course, developer Mediatonic isn't stopping there, and it's dropping a mid-season update on PlayStation 4 today, 13th May.

Season 4.5 (affectionately named Dave) introduces a slate of new bits and pieces, and that includes a duo of new levels to enjoy. The Slimescraper is referred to as a "sequel to Slime Climb", which is pretty intriguing, while Button Bashers seems to be a brand new concept. "Players are split into 1v1 duelling pairs. Best beans go through", says the notorious Twitter account.

As well as new rounds, there are 55 new variations being added to 12 existing levels, further randomising your experience in a match. Custom lobbies will be available to all, letting four players or more match up across PC and PS4. Other improvements include reducing latency when grabbing things, an in-game indicator of your connection quality, a new player reporting feature, and various other tweaks and fixes.

It's a pretty big list, so if you want to read up on all the patch notes, you can do so with this Twitter thread. Again, the Season 4.5 update arrives in the game today, so be sure to get that update installed if you're planning on putting in a round or three.

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