EA and BioWare have launched a webpage that lets you create your own custom Mass Effect art, just in time for the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The editing tool lets you choose Shepard's alignment, your favourite squadmates from all three titles in the original trilogy, and a suitable background. Once you've got your options locked in, the site presents you with a high quality image — perfect for a mobile or desktop wallpaper. You can even make it into PS4 box art.

You can find the editor by clicking through here.

Here are a few examples that we made (feel free to nab them for your own use):

Wallpaper (1)
Wallpaper (2)
Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS4 Box Art

Pretty cool, but are you looking forward to reconnecting with your intergalactic allies? Hop aboard the Normandy in the comments section below.

[source ea.com]