Super Mega Baseball Metalhead Software 1

EA Sports has acquired Metalhead Software, the Canadian team behind the Super Mega Baseball series. The publisher said in a press release that it intends to help grow the developer’s popular arcade baseball series, as well as develop new gaming and sports experiences. “We look forward to supporting and investing in the team so they can continue to build out more amazing games that delight sports fans around the world,” said EA Sports’ Cam Weber.

“Our team has worked hard over the years to refine a formula that uniquely mixes an arcade style with deep on-field gameplay and innovative co-operative and competitive multiplayer experiences,” Metalhead Software’s co-founder Scott Drader added. “In this next chapter, we’re excited to leverage EA’s power and reach to bring our titles to a broader audience and to take some ambitious next steps in the development of our future titles.”

EA Sports is expanding quite rapidly at the moment, with various new projects in production to improve its portfolio, including EA Sports College Football and EA Sports PGA Tour. It also completed its acquisition of Codemasters earlier in the year, with F1 2021 due out this summer. It’ll be interesting to see how it assigns Metalhead Software: could we see similar arcade spin-offs for some of its biggest brands, like Madden and FIFA?