Dying Light PS4

The Microsoft Store has struck once more by accidentally revealing an upcoming announcement. This time around it's Techland who falls victim, as plans for a Dying Light: Platinum Edition releasing this Thursday have been posted ahead of time. However, this re-release isn't actually all that exciting — it simply appears to be a repackaging of the pre-existing Anniversary Edition.

The listing's description reveals that it will contain the base game, Dying Light: The Following, and pretty much every other piece of DLC (weapons and other items) released so far. It's essentially the same line-up as the aforementioned Anniversary Edition, which you can currently pick up for £57.99/$39.99. The only real differentiator here could be what's under the hood — maybe Techland has a PlayStation 5 patch ready for Dying Light players? That would surely be also available to anyone who already owns the game, however.

Would you be interested in this bundle? Let us know in the comments below.

[source microsoft.com, via resetera.com]