Techland has today reintroduced Dying Light 2 following a very lengthy delay at the beginning of last year, confirming it will release for both PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 7th December 2021. This announcement was accompanied by extended gameplay sequences, all of which you can catch in the new trailer embedded above. Footage takes a deep dive into the story, how the world changes from day into night, and how your choices impact the narrative.

The entire first episode of Dying 2 Know provides an extensive look at the world of Dying Light 2, touching on its theme of the modern dark ages as well as the sort of infected you'll come across throughout the city. Interviews then expand on gameplay with key details about how the world manages itself once the human race has been almost entirely wiped out and what your decisions can lead to throughout the narrative.

After taking such a long hiatus, this reintroduction of Dying Light 2 has filled us with promise once more. There were concerns the sequel wouldn't live up to its initial announcement, of a world where you're choices dramatically change the story and world around you. This first instalment of Dying 2 Know reinforces that Techland is still aiming to make that a reality.

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