Chivalry 2 Open Beta PS5 PS4

The open beta for Chivalry 2 is available to download and play right now on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It'll be live until the 1st June, so you've got the whole weekend (and a bit) to get stuck in.

And you might want to get started as early as possible, because this is a pretty robust beta. It boasts full cross-play functionality (so you can play alongside Xbox and PC users), as well as a bunch of different game modes. There are traditional army vs. army, objective-based battles, alongside free-for-alls where every warrior is out for themselves.

Full character customisation is also available, and you can choose between 40 player and 64 player servers. The latter promises unmatched chaos.

Will you be giving the Chivalry 2 open beta a swing? Start flailing your weapon in the comments section below.