Playing Back 4 Blood next month sounds like such an exciting prospect, so with a recent delay pushing the game back to October, it's trailers such as this one that help to remind us the longer wait should be worth it. Turtle Rock Studios has today chosen to introduce us to the roster of characters you'll be able to play as, as well as the undead zombies you'll need to send back to the grave. The trailer also provides a brief glimpse at the sort of abilities each survivor comes equipped with.

For example, Doc gains a heal bonus when she's low on health while Karlee can sense hazards. Then there's Jim, who can aim down sights faster, and Hoffman with the ability to spawn ammo after killing a zombie. On the other side of life, footage reveals a couple of the undead monsters standing in your path. Breaker definitely isn't just the Tank from Left 4 Dead, and the Snitcher sure isn't Left 4 Dead's Witch. Nope, definitely not the same sort of enemies.

Back 4 Blood really does look like a good time, but we can't help but wonder how much of it will just be a copy of the developer's previous classics. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.