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There’s a TimeSplitters 2 Easter egg in PlayStation 4 first-person shooter Homefront: The Revolution that many of you will be familiar with: it allows you to play a couple of levels from the legendary PS2 game. But actually, there’s more: it was revealed on Twitter over the weekend that developers actually snuck the entire original Free Radical release into the title – but its cheat code was lost to time.

Now, five years later, it’s been discovered. Here’s how to play the entirety of TimeSplitters 2, in 4K, within Homefront: The Revolution:

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Story Mode

L2+Up, L2+Up, Down, L2+Right, R2+Left, R2+Circle, L2+Triangle, L2+Triangle, R2+Square, L2+X

Arcade Mode

L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Down, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Circle, R2+Left, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Down, L2+R2+Triangle, R2+Square, L2+X

Challenge Mode

R2+Circle, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Circle, L2+R2+Down, L2+Right, L2+Up, L2+Triangle, L2+R2+X, R2+Square, L2+X

So, there you have it – that cheap copy of Homefront: The Revolution you snagged from the PS Store for less than a cup of coffee is now absolutely worth something. Seriously, though, let us know if you’re planning to give this a go – many had been hoping for a TimeSplitters 2 port on contemporary consoles, and here it is.

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