Guilty Gear BlazBlue Soundtracks Spotify

After years of fans asking for it, Arc System Works has finally dropped a ton of music from its most popular games on Spotify and other music streaming services. Albums for Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and more have been added, and you can find them by searching for 'Arc System Works' (or you can just click here to go straight to the Arc System Works artist page on Spotify in your browser).

If you're already a fan of the aforementioned fighting games, then you already know how good the music can be. Guilty Gear in particular has served up some absolute bangers over the years, and BlazBlue has a range of hype-inducing battle themes, like the all-timer that is Six-Heroes.

Here's hoping that the full Guilty Gear Strive soundtrack is also made available once the game launches this summer.

Are you a big fan of these soundtracks? Feel free to rock out in the comments section below.

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