Dreams creators really like Sonic the Hedgehog, as it can sometimes feel like there’s a remake going viral every single week. However, this one – by RichMenace_94 and 1collaborator – is comfortably the most impressive thus far. Inspired by Sonic Adventure, it’s a reimagining of the Dreamcast-era gameplay, complete with a small hub world and fast-paced 3D levels.

Some of the details here are fantastic, like the way the audio alters when Sonic boosts through the environment or goes underwater. Clearly, there’s a bit of jank to the gameplay – but hey, that’s true to the authentic Sonic Team experience, isn’t it? This has gone big over the past 48 hours and has already amassed an eye-watering two years of total playtime within Dreams.

You can add the experience to your play queue through here.

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